24 August 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 6]

  • Getting Directions & Travel
  • Source: French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman

How do I get to...? 
Comment fait-on pour aller a...?

Which is the best road to...?
Quelle est la meilleure route pour aller a...?

Is there a scenic route to...?
Y a-t-il un itineraire touriststique pour aller a...?

Where does the road lead to?
Ou est-ce que cette route mene?

Turn left
Turnez a gauche

Turn right
Turnez a droite

01 August 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 5]

  • Greetings & Polite Phrases
  • Source: French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman


Good morning------------------------Bon matin! Bonjour!
Good evening-------------------------Bonsoir!
Good night (only say before retiring to bed)------------Bonne nuit!
Good-bye----------------------------Au revoir!
Very well, thank you------------------Tres bien, merci!
See you soon--------------------------A bientot!
Have a good journey-----------------Bonne journee!
Good luck------------------------------Bonne chance!

Polite Phrases

Sorry------------------Pardon (Je suis desole)
Excuse me------------Excusez-moi
That's all right--------Il n'y a pas de mal/Ce n'est rien
Don't worry----------Ne vous inquietez pas
That's fine------------C'est parfait
Thank you------------Merci

20 July 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 4]

  • Food
  • Source: French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman
Bread: le pain
Butter: le beurre
Cheese: le fromage
Chips: les frites
Chocolate Bar: la tablette de chocolat
Eggs: les oeufs
Ham: le jambon
Hamburger: le hamburger
Ice Cream: la glace
Pancakes: les crepes
Salad: la salade
Sausage: la saucisse
Soup: la soupe
Waffles: les gaufres
Cup: la tasse
Glass: le verre
Fork: la fourchette
Plate: l'assiette
Pepper: le poivre
Salt: le sel
Spoon: le cuiller
Sugar: le sucre
Water: l'eau

04 July 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 3]

  • Parts of the Body
  • Source: French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman

Ankle: la cheville
Arm: le bras
Back: le dos
Blood: le sang
Body: le corps
Brain: le cerveau
Cheek: la joue
Chin: le menton
Ear: l'oreille
Elbow: le coude
Eye: l'oeil
Eyelid: la paupiere
Face: la figure
Finger: le doight
Foot: le pied
Hand: la main
Head: la tete
Heart: le coeur
Knee: le genou
Leg: la jambe
Lip: la levre
Mouth: la bouche
Skin: la peau
Thumb: le pouce
Toe: l'orteil
Tongue: la langue
Tooth: la dent

22 June 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 2]

  • Colors
  • Source:  French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman
Beige (bezh)

Noir (nwar)

Bleu (ble)

Brun/Marron (bren/marohn)

dore (doray)

Vert (vair)

Gris (gree)

Mauve (mohv)

Orange (orahnzh)

Rose (roz)

Violet (veeolay)

Rouge (roozh)

Argent (arzhahn)

Blanc (blahn)

Jaune (zhohn)

06 June 2016

ACTIVITY | Basic French [Pt. 1]

  • Basic Questions
  • Source: French Phrase book, Penguin Books by Henri Orteu & Jill Norman
  1. What is your name?
    • Comment t'appelle tu/vous?
  2. How long are you staying here?
    • Combien de temps pensez-vous restez?
  3. May I go through?
    • Puis-je passer?
  4. How old are you?
    • Quel age a tu?
  5. Where is...?
    • Ou est...?
  6. How are you?
    • Comment allez-vous?
  7. What do you study?
    • Qu'est-ce que vous etudiez?
  8. What do you do?
    • Qu'est-ce que vous faites dans la vie?
  9. Where do you come from?
    • D'ou venez-vous?
  10. Would you go out with me?
    • Voulez-vous sortir avec moi?

25 May 2016

MEDIA| INFO| Punctuation Marks

INFO | Top 5: Sea Animals

1. Megalodon Shark

According to the Prehistory Wildlife site, these prehistoric sharks are about fourteen to twenty meters long (45.9 to 65.6 feet)! Compare that to a six meter (19.7 feet) great white shark! Also, megaladons are about five and a half to eight meters tall from fin to fin as a human that would be two meters (six and a half feet).

2. Gulper Eel

Moon, Water, Mystical, Sky, Night, SeaAlso known as a pelican eel, this creature can grow up to 30 inches. According to Factzoo, the gulper eel has a glowing segment of it tail that lures its food towards its gaping mouth that has layers of sharp fangs. They usually feed on shrimp and plankton.

3. Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is a pink, red, and sometimes of a blue color and is only about one foot long, according to the site Squid World. The vampire squid can also camouflage and the unique aspect to the squid (and possibly how it got its name) is the sharp hooks along the squid's tentacles. Seeing this creature below the sea would be a fright.

4. Flamingo Tongue Snail

This snail has bright colors and spots on it. They are about two inches long and their home is in the Mid-Atlantic ridge, according to the site, Our Breathing Planet.

5. Pink Sea Through Fantasia

23 May 2016

INFO | Top 5: Flowers [pt. 1]

Now this is all based off my experience. What fandoms did I miss? Share with me in the comments below!

1. Lilacs 

Lilac, Ornamental Shrub, Flowers

2. Jasmines

Mock Orange, Jasmin, Flowers, White

3. Lupines

4. Plumeria

Plumeria, Flower, Frangipani, Plant

5. Honeysuckles

Honeysuckle, Lonicera, Close-Up, Flower

21 May 2016

INFO | Top 5: Mythical Creatures From Asia

1. Tiyanak (Philippines)

This is a demon that takes form as a baby because they were previous babies who passed away before having a proper baptism in the church. They are vengeful and they lure unsuspecting people by their crying. They usually live in the forests.

2. Hou (China)

A creature with long ears and a son of  a dragon king, the Hou roars to the heavens and delivers messages to the people.

3. Aonyobo (Japan)

This is a ghost of a woman that lurks in abandoned palaces. She is described as a having a large mouth with sharp teeth and long, black hair. She is a vain ghost that is jealous of other women.

4. Gwisin (Korea)

Another type of ghost that is usually female, these vengeful spirits are motivated to hurt others for their own sorrows. They are often found in abandoned villages or buildings.

5. Rainbow Fish (India)

The rainbow fish is a large whale that removed suffering from the world. It was suddenly caught by some fishermen and was able to provide food to the whole nation for a year. Described as having bright scales like fire, ice, grass, and lightening, the rainbow fish is a beautiful creature.