07 August 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 3]

You are home alone playing video games. Suddenly, you are interrupted when you see an orb dart outside your door. Curious, you investigate it. The orb went down the hallway leading to the basement. You stop at the foot of the stairs as you observe more orbs fly downstairs.

Fairies! They live in your basement.

What do you do? Write the story in the comments.

19 July 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 2]

You are a night guard at a private high school. One night, you hear a noise and you must investigate it. You come to a particular classroom on the second floor. Peering through the doors of each door, you see a shadow creep into a classroom.

Sneaking up to that classroom, you see the figure open a teacher's locker and hide in it. What do you do? Write the rest of the story in the comments below!

03 July 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt.1]

What would you do if you discovered a secret room in your home?
What if there was someone living there the whole time?

Tell me in the comments!

24 May 2017

INFO | Top 5 Coolest Libraries

        1. Wiblingen Monastery Library
          • Ulm, Germany
        1. Austrian National Library
          • Vienna, Austria
        1. Abbey Library of St. Gall
          • St. Gallen, Switzerland
        1. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
          • Toronto, Canada
        1. Stuttgart City Library
          • Stuttgart, Germany
        1.  Biblioteca Sandro Penna
          • Perugia, Italy

19 April 2017

ACTIVITY | Journal Challenge

In my life so far, I have fifty journals completed and fully written in. They are mainly written ones, not so much as a sketch journal like in arts.


I challenge you to write and complete two journals this year!

03 April 2017

INFO | Importance of Journal Keeping

Journal writing is important to me because it helped improve my handwriting, it betters my memories (and keeps them, too!), and allows me to freely express my thoughts without rejection. Now the image above refers to educational journals, but I encourage you to write in a personal journal.

As a writer, journals are important to take note of things. If you are not quite a writer, just write in a journal as a companion. It will help you a lot!

In a previous post, I had described different types of journals. To learn more, click [here]

01 April 2017

INFO | Quiddity

The essence of something or someone.

Example: The quiddity of the graveyard was grim.

22 March 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 6]

This story really happened and it happened to be a terrifying occurrence for me because I was a kid at the time. Thinking back on it now doesn't bug me as much, but still gives me a bit of a paranoid feeling. I'll explain why.

So in my neighborhood, it is relatively safe and for a city, everyone knew everyone like in a small town. However, there was occasionally that certain neighbor no one knows about or that neighbor that tends to give off a weird vibe. Well, we had one near where I lived. We always tried to be kind to them regardless.

But one night, as my siblings and I were trying to get some shut eye, there was a knock on the door. Since my parents were still awake, my dad went to answer the door. I only heard muffled voices and the door slamming shut. Next thing I heard was my parents going to sleep. About fifteen or more minutes passed when another knock came to the door. We ignored it. Finally, the next day, we would find out what happened from our neighbors.

As it turns out, one of our neighbors was intoxicated and was out of the norm when he came to our door asking for help. My dad must have been upset and annoyed about this and did not help because it was late at night and there is no way that guy was coming in our home. Plus, there was kids in the house.

The guy probably left and later, the second knock was actually the cops looking for this guy. They were looking for him for some reason I can't remember. Eventually, they caught him hiding in the shed in my family's backyard. The cops escorted him out and I never knew what happened afterwards, but I'm sure as heck that this kind of made me paranoid...

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06 March 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 5]

This is also a true story. It is also a bit of a confession as my friends involved know nothing about this.

Let me begin by putting a bit of background into this. This takes place back when I was in sixth grade and during a rough time for me. Needless to say, I was always hiding in the classroom or bathroom to avoid people in general. Also, the classroom I went to had a row of desk facing the whiteboard and the teacher's desk was right behind all the desks. I think there may have been a corner with shelves of books that one could hide in.

Having that said, I was hiding either under the teacher's desk or somewhere that may be around the bookshelves. I was just hiding there in the classroom as usual. Meanwhile, two of my friends were there. One was working on her math homework and the other was helping her while everyone else was supposed to be at recess, playing outside and all, except for the two and myself. They didn't know I was there at all.

As they continued to do their homework, the classroom was dead silent. One friend, let's call her Cathy, was saying something like: "It's so quiet in here!" The other friend, let's also call her Kathy with a 'K', replied, "Yeah, it's kinda scary in here."

I replied quietly, "I don't think it's scary in here."

Immediately, they went and looked around the room and down the hallway. I must have been hiding well or moving around when they weren't looking, but they never found me.

Flash forwards a couple years later in my senior year of high school, my same friends were talking about how our elementary school was possibly  haunted. They told me about their version of the story and I tried to keep a straight face. I had totally forgotten that happened! I never told them that it was me and it was funny from my perspective. I wonder if they have figured it out to this day...

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