22 July 2014

PARODY--Music + Fandoms

Fandoms: the Musical
|Doctor Who--When you wish upon a star|
Have you ever wondered why:
The TARDIS is so big inside?
Here's what happened to Doctor Who
When all his companions died

|Harry Potter--Do you wanna build a snowman|
Twilight fans had 'em sparkling vampires
We have an epic dragon army
Wands are shooting sparkles everywhere
Twilight's getting nowhere
Harry Potter all the way!

15 July 2014


Shakespeare has been well-known to write sonnets. So for this challenge, there are two options to do:

            1. Write your own sonnet:
              • A sonnet consists of 14 lines
              • It has a typical rhyme scheme of abab/cdcd/efef/gg
              • Usually has an iambic pentameter pattern
            2. Memorize a sonnet over the month:
              • Either a Shakespeare sonnet or another
Comic Relief with David Tennant & Catherine Tate

11 July 2014

PARODIES---Shakespeare [Pt. 2]

KING: Now, Hamlet, where's my iPhone?
HAMLET: At supper.
KING: At supper? Where?
HAMLET: Not where it eats, but where it's eaten. A certain convocation of politicians (the NSA) are e'en at it. Your politician is your only emperor for diet for leaks. We fat all creatures to fat us, and we fat ourselves for obesity. Your fat king and your lean beggar is but variable service...That's the end.
KING: Alas, alas! ... Where is my iPhone?
HAMLET: In heaven. Send thither to see...send a messenger...then seek it in the other place shall nose your iPhone as you go up the stairs to the kitchen blender.

09 July 2014

PARODIES---Shakespeare [Pt.1]

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that Harry Potter was a highly unusual Hobbit that lived in a hole in a galaxy far, far away."

To go or not to go? That is a question!
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The likes and replies of Facebook
Or to take arms against the sea of haters
And by opposing them. To like: to unlike;
No more! And by a 'like' we end.
The heart-ache of no birthday messages and the thousand natural shocks
That man must suffer of Facebook; 'tis time consuming
Give us pause--there's no respect for trolls
That makes calamity of so long life.
For haters bear the whips and scorns of time,
They are wrong, the proud man's posts
The pangs of comments...
To grunt and sweat  under a pressure from media
The fair computer! Troll, in thy orisons
Be all my Facebook posts be remember'd

POEM---A Universe in Their Eyes

By: Trinity-Therese Theroux

Once in a time, yet twice in a moment
A lady fallen under a spell of love for a prince
One glance, twice loved
Together, they oft sought for a kiss of true love
Fernando was his name
Isadora, still a lovely dame
All within the heart of Spain
Catching one star upon a game
When jealousy aroused among a lady's court,
The wounds discovered to pierce a heart
For Isadora belonged to a noble birth
Yet Fernando lived beneath a cold dirt
To lover's plight, Isadora fled
To only find her lover dead
Fleeing with him instead
In another realm, they would be wed
Hand-in-hand, united
No more bounds shall they be
In Heaven as angels
In a loving arms of God
Fernando and Isadora of medieval tale
Their ship will be gone to sail
No wreckage will be found adrift neither in pain nor in fail
Please send love letter through the mail

04 July 2014

PROMPT---Work Office & Toy Shop

Draw an office space that you would picture yourself working in. Or start by creating a fictional company and design its office space.What does the company sell? What does the building shape look like? What are the offices like? What are the employee jobs? They pay for work?
For more ideas, follow the links below:

        1. Forbes Top 10
        2. Top 12 Coolest Offices

Create a type of toys either for girls or boys. Some ideas can be types of dolls, toy houses, or just a brand of toys based off of a popular trend or movies & shows.Examples are Monster High Dolls, Cars, Disney, etc. If you can create a brand of dolls, what would it be like? Or what type of race cars can you create or improve?

        1. Monster High Dolls
        2. Barbie Collector

26 June 2014

Summer Birthdays!


Jason Mraz
Phil Harris
Ryan Higa
Johnny Depp
Ricky Gervais
Drake Bell
John Cusak
Kellie Pickler
Mike Tyson


Princess Diana
Ashley Tisdale
Tia & Tamara Mowry
Ringo Starr
Mitchell Musso
Sofia Vergara
Bill Cosby
Jane Lynch
Benedict Cumberbatch
Kim Carnes
Robin Williams
Danny Glover
Selena Gomez
Daniel Radcliffe
Sandra Bullock
J.K. Rowling

25 June 2014

PROMPT---A Picture is a Million Words

 1. Write a story regarding fairy food, folklore from a different country, or simply something to do with these pictures. However, use three-four of the pictures (or more) to create a story. Use it to write a mystery, a suspense, a fantasy story of faraway islands, or any genre you like to write about!

2. Describe the photos in description that is unique. Use metaphors, similes, etc. to describe them. Using literature terms posted previously on the blog, write about them either through poetry or story-form.

Share your writings on the comments below!
Photos by: T. Theroux

If you're happy and you know it, subscribe and share!

23 June 2014

Electra, the Battlion Goddess

BY: T. Theroux

Before Electra returned to her goddess state, she needed to meet mere mortals to give each one a fair trial as each Greek Olympians had. Most of those gods and goddesses visited Earth once at a time or another, disguised as humans for if mortal eyes beheld that glory, they would die from it. Being in such a limited form, Electra had a unique situation as did her sister, Hesper, and Hesper's own husband. For more background, go (here.)

Now for four Greek mythological figures I created, they are Hesper and Javelier (a wife and husband couple, Hesper is Electra's older sister) as well as Electra (the younger sister) and her husband, Dyos. They are unique because these four made a choice to become mortal humans for several reincarnations to obtain an even higher power. Now from the background link from earlier, Electra and Dyos had more sadness and hardships because of a curse. They both reincarnated in about two cycles, sharing the last one in the modern world. The cycle before then, Dyos had another consort because when the four began a new cycle, they forgot their deity pasts.Well, Dyos forgot, but Electra remembered. Well, when she discovered Dyos' consort, her jealousy exploded knowing that Dyos is a rather loyal and honorable person. In the next cycle, the modern times, they meet again, but under strange circumstances. Here is that scene:

Electra darted into the elevator of the large museum complex to get back down to the first floor. The only other person there, which she dreaded, was her co-worker, Ferdinand. He, the office flirt, had a special art of only flirting...and acting. The best highlights she could only give Ferdinand was his award-winning smile and looks, plus a charming personality. 'Now,' Electra thought, hopping into elevator and nearly punching out the first floor button, 'if only he wasn't such a flirtatious sport! What a stranger.'

When Electra glanced at the floor buttons again, she realized the first floor was already lit. 'What?' Electra thought pessimistically, glancing a glare at Ferdinand who only smiled her way, rather knowingly how this treatment burned her up. Ferdinand's deep brown eyes glimmered as did his hair, almost. His hair had a funny way of matching his eyes.

"Guess we have our set path to the same destination, eh?" Ferdinand joked.

Electra clenched her fists and furiously answered, "It's not so much in the destination, but the journey. I cannot wait to get to the end of this!"

He laughed and said, "You are the only one in the office who does not fall for me."

Sarcastically, she replied, "Oh well, better try somewhere else where you are eagerly invited."

The door slid shut in the elevator as they descended. For a moment's pause, the elevator jostled and jumped; Electra balanced herself out as she took hold of the railing with one hand and took Ferdinand's hand with the other. The lights flickered and Ferdinand took Electra in his arms. She screamed and tried to push him away without much use. As the elevator shook once more, Electra's head bounced against the wall and the world went completely dark.

As the lights came back to Electra's mind, she fluttered her eyes open as she looked upon the bluest, silver eyes she has ever seen; and only one man could ever have such eyes. His dark, forest hair and a well-defined smile, Dyos looked back at her.

"About time, love," he said, in his British accent.

Electra choked and bolted up, slightly wobbling as she stood. Dyos aided her up as she glanced up to see the open roof of the elevator.

"What happened?' Electra asked.

Ferdinand replied, "Elevator shaft broke and this fellow here came to fix it."

Dyos smiled at Electra's recovery, as he smacked Ferdinand at the back of the head...out of jealousy. Ferdinand mumbled in mere surprise as he rubbed his head.

"Do you remember who you are?" Dyos asked.

"Yes," replied Electra, "do you, Dyos?"

He nodded and they embraced joyfully. For once, they were not chasing after each other only to come to a near-miss.

19 June 2014

PROMPT---The Discovery & A Life of Its Own (+more prompts)

Imagine yourself walking home from a school conference when you or a sibling or your child runs into an old professor/teacher. The teacher is rambling on this discovery. What is it? Could it be real? Why is this teacher so excited about it? Write the scene.

You find a magical object. A wand, a creature, a box, etc. It has a life of its own when this object begins acting strange. What mayhem does it create? How do you deal with it? Write the scene.

On your birthday, you discover you are not quite human, but magical. Are you a wizard, werewolf, a ghost, or an alien? What do you do? 

As you are leaving a restaurant just daydreaming about your crush or someone you love when a stranger suddenly taps you on the shoulder. With this confrontation, what happens next?

18 June 2014

ARTICLE---TOP 5: Minor Fairytales Retold

From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, they have become icons in today's world because of Disney. However, there are minor fairy-tales that are gems, yet still untouched by Disney. On this Top 5, five highlights of minor fairy-tales are discussed. The five are as that follow: The Wild Swans, The Swineherd, Snow White and Rose Red, The Tinderbox, and The Nightingale. 

Most come from Hans Christian Anderson's fairy-tales. The tale of The Wild Swans is about a young princess named Elise who had eleven older brothers. They were the happiest because of their father's love. He gave them all that he could, but the king married an evil queen who did not love the children; so one day, the queen turned the eleven princes into swans, but they wore crowns upon their heads.

Soon, Elise discovered this wicked deed and she decided to go rescue her brothers. She runs away to break their curse and one night, as she found a cave to stay in, a fairy came to her dreams. The fairy told her to go to a cemetery by a manor and told her to pick the stinging nettles there. "Then," the fairy said, "crush the nettles and make thread out of them to be made into shirts for your brothers." However good that sounded, the fairy did warn Elise to not make a sound or utter a word whilst doing that task, no matter the pain, because those first words will cut to the brothers' hearts like a dagger. Obediently, Elise did that task and along the way, she meets a king who takes her in. Elise, though doing her task, was caught one night collecting nettles at the cemetery one night by the king who was fooled into thinking she was a witch.