22 October 2014

QUOTE--J.K. Rowling

"The most important thing is to read as much as you can, like I did. It will give you an understanding of what makes good writing and it will enlarge your vocabulary." -J.K. Rowling
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Halloween---Cannon Drive: Promotion

Georgie, a pale-blonde young girl of fourteen and light brown eyes sat in the attic of the Nevada apartments near Las Vegas. Her long hair tied into a pony-tail as she finished dusting an old merry-go-round of a music box; sitting on a crate and idly sitting tuning the music box, watching the horses hop up and down around as Grim Grinning Ghost played on its tingling chords. A step creaked and a cloth ruffled around that attic, but Georgie had learned to ignore it because of the attic's rustic manner.

She did not see the figure approach her silently. Preoccupied with the eerie music box in that dusty room, the stranger leaned towards her and suddenly placed a hand on her shoulder; Georgie jumped! Falling almost backwards in that leap of fate, Georgie was caught by Inspector T44.

The Inspector caught her friend, laughing all the way, as she plopped Georgie down on the mildew floor. Georgie furiously got up and brushed herself off, saying to the Inspector, "Oh you are such a bas-"

"Tarts?" Inspector T44 asked, pulling out a crumbling apple-cherry tart from her trench coat pocket.

Georgie replied, indignantly, "Ha, no."

"We have a new case: Hollywood."

Despite all anger (which vanished rather rapidly as soon as that name came up), Georgie blankly stared at her friend. Inspector T44 came from a rather odd planet called Chambris and claimed how it would rain diamonds, sapphires, and topaz from the sky or rather the moon as they claim, 'shooting out tears of joy or sadness.'

Inspector T44 had orange hair in a shaggy cut at chin-length and her hair tipped off into a blue-violet or purple-like color. She also had hears--cat ears with a tail she can whip out to trip people. Once she even dressed up as a scorpion for Halloween! Cat-like eyes and somewhat furry and obviously cat-like (redundant, but true).

"What's the case?" Georgie asked.

"Our client called claiming he has been seeing the ghost of his dead wife for the past twenty years since her death."

"But what's the weird part?"

"I don't think he quite knows that he may be dead, too! The phone kept going out and I could barely hear him muttering. Plus, there may be a magic wand involved, Houdini's magic box, and an abandoned mansion which is full of ghosts. I know ghosts, trust me."

Inspector T44 turned to leave the attic, expecting Georgie to follow, but as she did, she joked to herself, "Yeah, says the cat."

20 October 2014

HOLIDAY---Halloween: Dead End

Twas the night before Halloween
And all was dark
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a small bark...

So for this Halloween, write about a spooky story that is speculative (any stories that can involve science fiction, unicorns, ghosts, elves, urban legends, etc.). Here is an example story I wrote, an Urban Legend

14 October 2014

POETRY--Richard Armitage

In love again with a star
So out of reach, but within sight
Giving him my heart before he asked
Falling for a soldier, a king, a man

When his blue eyes stormed the night
A star came from the heavens
He is one so out of my reach
Yet every breath, given to an angel

Remember the first time we saw him on the silver screen?
Charming talent without an uttered word
Then the first word he gives and the world stood still
Facing Richard

Every bridge so gallantly crossed
Strong, brave, and kind
I am searching for a place to be
And I found it with him

"I just love walking into space and feeling that
Looming danger in the air..."
"We got you out and here you are.
You survived."

06 October 2014

Short Story--Fireflies and Scallywags

The empty spaces and holes in Sabirah's heart pierced her more painfully that the reality of life: her older brother, the only family left in her life is dead. She sat in the pirate ship at the mercy of those wretched pirates; the ship docked at the jungle as the captain, a sun-baked man with a face scarred with wrinkles, glared with a laugh on his eyes and mouth showing his rotting teeth covered in black mold. A pistol in hand still held the smoke from its recent fire.
Sabirah knelt silently, with one hand over her mouth to conceal her incoherent sobs and the other hand on her chest to stabilize her shudders from crying. She never saw Jeffrey's golden hair and laughter to cheer her up for those days ahead (her poor brother). In the wind, Sabirah's dark, blood-black hair frankly played with the wind as she continued to quiver; despite the welcoming lights of the lanterns at that port with a jungle backdrop, Lt. Weston stood rather shocked at his fiancee, however, he could not decide to run to comfort her or not.
"Dearest?" Lt. Weston asked. "May you pardon me for leaving..."
He could not carry on that conversation for he dearly wanted to leave that forsaken ship bound for the Trouven Cove. Wreck with fury, Sabirah half-shrieked, "If that is what you wish--go, but I will have nothing else to keep my soul in joy. Go! But it will all hurt again to close your door. Go. If it pains you more to stay...only if you dare to walk away."
With the pirates kidnapping the 20-year-old when her older brother, Jeffrey, killed their ringleader, Lt. Weston ran after to save her, but maybe the rewards were not worth the effort. The handsome soldier abandoned the ship as he sought help from the Spanish port where all the civilians hid from sight. Within several minutes, the ship prepared sail to repay the debt Sabirah's brother started. For her, she had no longer that strength to carry on at that point. In that moonlight with the sea refreshing and calming the young lady, her sea-green eyes looked back at the port where Lt. Weston lay worlds away. Suddenly, in her mind she realized, 'No, I will not wait any longer for the sins of my brother, I will get out of here and return, no matter how it takes, just as long as my morals keep in tack, I will get back!'

Five months later...

30 September 2014

Refer a Friend - Fastweb

Refer a Friend - Fastweb

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26 September 2014


For every good suspense story, keep the best part or reveal near the end, but not too soon. Ever seen the movie or heard about the movie Jaws?

So spoiler alert: in the movie, the shark does not fully appear until near the end of the movie. Why? Apparently, the mechanical shark used for that scene did not fully function in the salty water, so the prop couldn't be used until that very end. In a way, it came as a blessing in disguise. Yet that ending kept the big shocker at that time.

Lesson of the day is to keep in mind where to put the suspense; give good hints along the way. All I can say is to observe other works of writing in that genre if that you are interested in writing in. Don't be afraid to try out new genres to write in as well!

Good luck!

23 September 2014

Audio Book Readings

So I borrowed some audio books from the local library and so far, it is awesome! Dracula, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Lord of the Rings Book 2 are the audio books borrowed. Some highlights about these audio books is that they help with understanding the book when one gets busy to read a book (but I still recommend reading) and the narrator(s) are amazing when they read those books aloud.

The Lord of the Rings has a lot of voice narrators in it that is like a play and that's what I like most about this audio book.

However, out of all those three audio books I am on currently, Dracula is my favorite. With the shocking moment when Mina and Doctor Seward discovered about Lucy is quite the spoiler! Go read the book or listen to the audio books.

In a way, I challenge you to read a book with an audio book or try listening to an audio book for a change. It is awesome!

17 September 2014

11 September 2014


1. If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, where would you go? What items will you bring?

2. Create a superhero that has the most useless superpower. Explain how that character got their magical power. Then create a list of superhero powers (list of 45 powers).

3. Write about a real or fictional country and how it came into existence--make it fantastical!

4. Make-up a magical/folklore creature and write a story about it. Or take a creature from a real folklore from a country and write your own story about it.

10 September 2014

CHALLENGE---World and History

For this challenge, write a mini-story about time travel. If you could travel in time, when and where would you go? Why?

Write a one-page or more story about this adventure. Use as much creativity and any characters in your imagination if you can! Here are some ideas:

    • Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece
    • Atlantis and its disappearance
    • The fires of Pompeii
    • Spanish Inquisition
    • Medieval/Dark Ages
    • The Roaring Twenties from America to Britan
    • Victorian & Edwardian Era
    • Revolutionary Wars
    • The era of the Bubonic Plague