24 May 2017

INFO | Top 5 Coolest Libraries

        1. Wiblingen Monastery Library
          • Ulm, Germany
        1. Austrian National Library
          • Vienna, Austria
        1. Abbey Library of St. Gall
          • St. Gallen, Switzerland
        1. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
          • Toronto, Canada
        1. Stuttgart City Library
          • Stuttgart, Germany
        1.  Biblioteca Sandro Penna
          • Perugia, Italy

19 April 2017

ACTIVITY | Journal Challenge

In my life so far, I have fifty journals completed and fully written in. They are mainly written ones, not so much as a sketch journal like in arts.


I challenge you to write and complete two journals this year!

03 April 2017

INFO | Importance of Journal Keeping

Journal writing is important to me because it helped improve my handwriting, it betters my memories (and keeps them, too!), and allows me to freely express my thoughts without rejection. Now the image above refers to educational journals, but I encourage you to write in a personal journal.

As a writer, journals are important to take note of things. If you are not quite a writer, just write in a journal as a companion. It will help you a lot!

In a previous post, I had described different types of journals. To learn more, click [here]

01 April 2017

INFO | Quiddity

The essence of something or someone.

Example: The quiddity of the graveyard was grim.

22 March 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 6]

This story really happened and it happened to be a terrifying occurrence for me because I was a kid at the time. Thinking back on it now doesn't bug me as much, but still gives me a bit of a paranoid feeling. I'll explain why.

So in my neighborhood, it is relatively safe and for a city, everyone knew everyone like in a small town. However, there was occasionally that certain neighbor no one knows about or that neighbor that tends to give off a weird vibe. Well, we had one near where I lived. We always tried to be kind to them regardless.

But one night, as my siblings and I were trying to get some shut eye, there was a knock on the door. Since my parents were still awake, my dad went to answer the door. I only heard muffled voices and the door slamming shut. Next thing I heard was my parents going to sleep. About fifteen or more minutes passed when another knock came to the door. We ignored it. Finally, the next day, we would find out what happened from our neighbors.

As it turns out, one of our neighbors was intoxicated and was out of the norm when he came to our door asking for help. My dad must have been upset and annoyed about this and did not help because it was late at night and there is no way that guy was coming in our home. Plus, there was kids in the house.

The guy probably left and later, the second knock was actually the cops looking for this guy. They were looking for him for some reason I can't remember. Eventually, they caught him hiding in the shed in my family's backyard. The cops escorted him out and I never knew what happened afterwards, but I'm sure as heck that this kind of made me paranoid...

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06 March 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 5]

This is also a true story. It is also a bit of a confession as my friends involved know nothing about this.

Let me begin by putting a bit of background into this. This takes place back when I was in sixth grade and during a rough time for me. Needless to say, I was always hiding in the classroom or bathroom to avoid people in general. Also, the classroom I went to had a row of desk facing the whiteboard and the teacher's desk was right behind all the desks. I think there may have been a corner with shelves of books that one could hide in.

Having that said, I was hiding either under the teacher's desk or somewhere that may be around the bookshelves. I was just hiding there in the classroom as usual. Meanwhile, two of my friends were there. One was working on her math homework and the other was helping her while everyone else was supposed to be at recess, playing outside and all, except for the two and myself. They didn't know I was there at all.

As they continued to do their homework, the classroom was dead silent. One friend, let's call her Cathy, was saying something like: "It's so quiet in here!" The other friend, let's also call her Kathy with a 'K', replied, "Yeah, it's kinda scary in here."

I replied quietly, "I don't think it's scary in here."

Immediately, they went and looked around the room and down the hallway. I must have been hiding well or moving around when they weren't looking, but they never found me.

Flash forwards a couple years later in my senior year of high school, my same friends were talking about how our elementary school was possibly  haunted. They told me about their version of the story and I tried to keep a straight face. I had totally forgotten that happened! I never told them that it was me and it was funny from my perspective. I wonder if they have figured it out to this day...

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22 February 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 4]

I once wrote a short story based off of the car GPS my dad owns. True story!

What happened was this: my family and I were driving through some small town and farm-like areas to get to a church-related activity. Some friends invited us and there would be food. I was all for it!

So we were driving out around five in the evening, but at one point, we got lost. We kept going in turns and dead ends as our GPS kept leading us in a wild goose chase or something. I could even tell my dad was getting very annoyed and frustrated. My siblings kept asking when we would get there, too. My mom was suggesting to go down this road or that road. I was silently taking it all in and from out of the blue, I said, "What if the GPS is cursed and this is a horror movie? Oh, what if I wrote a story about this?"

My siblings looked annoyed at me and being already high-strung, they said, "No."

Eventually we did find our destination, but what if the GPS was leading us to a dead end?

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21 February 2017

INFO | Sappient

To be or appear wise.

Examle: Dumbledore and Gandalf were both sappient.

06 February 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 3]

When I was in high school, a bunch of girls in my neighborhood and myself went on a camp retreat for the summer. It would be whole lot of fun as I looked forward to telling scary stories every time. Now this is all true.

So we all went to our campsite after over two hours of getting there via bus. Being usually the quiet one, I would take pictures of the scenery we past and contemplated what horror stories I should tell them. Now most of those girls weren't used to horror stories that went into darker horror stories and basically wanted me to tell them scary stories that were more of children scary stories. Nevertheless, I liked to push the envelope a bit.

Since we were all staying there the week, I planned on telling them the stories in the middle of the week and around a campfire story. When it came, I did tell them stories and after the campfire stories, I told them more on the way to the bathrooms as we got ready for bed.

I was with three other girls when we got to the bathroom to change. As I was first to finish changing into my pajamas and brushing, I decided to give them a good scare. Now the bathroom (we called it a "biffy"--it's weird, I know) had a wall at the entrance that had the toilets on the left side and the showers on the right, making a T-shape.

I hid behind that wall near the entrance, trying to act nonchalant as other girls came in, not paying attention to me. Finally, I hear three of my friends get out of the stalls talking among themselves. "Where did she go?" One asked. They all wondered where I was. "Maybe she went back to the cabin. Ok, let's go see if she's there."

Anticipation and excitement came over me; I was hoping to jump out and scare them, especially how it was dark outside and it made the bathroom dim with only a few flashlights lighting it. Yeah, there was no electricity out there in any of the cabins or biffy.

My three friends turned the corner to the exit/entrance and I jumped out and yelled, "BOO!"

They let out a high-pitch shriek! I started laughing so hard! Apparently, when they started screaming, it had also scared other girls who were startled by them, which only made the whole situation even more hilarious!

That was so fun and I admit, I enjoyed every second of it!