21 February 2018

CHALLENGE | Sharing Hidden Message

In this challenge, I want you to share this to ten people, then have those ten people share it to ten more people!

Why? There is a hidden message hidden on my blog. First person to find it, comment on this post describing it in five words.

1. What date was my first post published on? What was it about?
2. Go to the tab with the same title.
3. Now comment what the message was!

05 February 2018

ACTIVITY | Journal & Sci-fi Ciphers

In your journal, create a code to use in it. Need help knowing what a code is or types of codes? Do some research!

With a bit of background on codes, write a two-page story (back and front of page), a story using the code being told from an alien's perspective.

Try decoding this code for fun:

Etirw ot evol I.

Types of Codes Link

24 January 2018


  1. What is the purpose of having a setting in a story?
    • Background for action
    • Be antagonistic
    • Create an atmosphere
    • Reveal a character
    • Emphasize Theme
    • All of the Above
    • None of the above
  2. Name a French word!
  3. What theme did you notice in the last book you read?

08 January 2018

Happy New Year! | Top 5: Cool Facts About Filipinos

        1. Philippines was named after King Philip II of Spain. The probable reason why the people of the Philippines are called "Filipinos" with an f is because "Philip" is spelled "Felipe" in Spanish.
        2. Philippines is the only Asian country to have a majority of people be Christians with 80%.
        3. Yo-yo's has origins in the Philippines where it was used as a weapon. The name itself means "come back."
        4. Some of the amazing foods that come from the Philippines include halo-halo, sago at gulaman, and polvoron. All the recipes can be found (here).
        5. Finally, Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas season, starting in September and ending in January.

20 December 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 12]

You are an explorer and traveler. As you go to your destination at _________(fill in the blank), you discover a(n) _________(fill in the blank).

What is the rest of the story? What do you find?

Make sure you involve; a repeating dream, snow, five mummies, and a stone made of soap.

04 December 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 11]

You are at work when one of your friends introduces you to a guy named Mac. That next week, you and Mac become good friends until the week after when Mac suddenly disappears.

Meanwhile one day while at a grocery store, you run into Mac.

"Remember me?" You say to Mac.

Mac looks confused at you. "Huh? I don't know you?"

You think he is joking and keep asking if he is playing around.

"I am not joking!" Mac shouted angrily.

Then you realize: Mac isn't joking. So you call your friend who had introduced you to Mac. She tells you that she never really introduced you to anyone. You try asking her if she's fooling around, but she says she isn't.

You do your research and there is no evidence that you ever met Mac or encountered him at all! You even check the security cameras on the day you met Mac. Nothing.

That's when....


25 November 2017

INFO | Bumfuzzle

To Confuse Someone.

Example: I plan to bumbuzzle my mother so I can have dessert.

22 November 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 10]

Your work a night shift at the job of your choice.

You discover some hidden tunnels under the building you are in. Suddenly you discover something of a dark secret meant to be kept away. What is that secret?

Then somewhere in the dark halls, a phone rings.

Finish the story in the comments below!

06 November 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 9]

You are waking down the streets of California at a particular beach when you come across an old recording camera. Many spirits live in it. What do you do with it? Write a story about it in the comments below!

25 October 2017

ACTIVITY | Situations [Pt. 8]

Write a story about your visit to the library when a book flies out of the shelf. You pick it up only to discover a photo has fallen out. Picking it up, you see it is a picture of you.

What do you do? Write a story of what happens next. Make sure you include a sword, a stallion, and a castle sunken below the ocean.

Write it in the comments below!