06 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Inspiration

Don't sit around waiting for inspiration! Go write or research until you get that inspiration.

05 December 2016

VIDEO | Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a form of a story being told.

SPOTLIGHT | Mary Downing Hahn


Birth: 9 December 1937
Place of Birth: College Park, Maryland

Notable Works:

  • Time of the Witch
  • Wait Til Helen Comes
  • The Doll in the Garden
  • The Old Willis Place
  • Deep and Dark and Dangerous
  • All the Lovely Bad Ones
  • Closed for the Season
  • The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
  • Time for Andrew

03 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Thick Skin

When it comes to the writing industry, have a thick skin as your editor will be tough on making your book flawless. Any grammar, punctuation, or confusing sections will be marked to be revised. Yes, editting is a menace, but have a thick skin and keep going.

02 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: KISS

Do not use big words nobody will probably understand. We tend to be lazy when we stumble across huge words and from my experience, I tended not to find a dictionary when I did see a difficult word. So, KISS. KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly.

01 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: The Readers

The reader is your friend. They are not your enemy or a mere observer of your world. They are a part of the story as they travel with your characters in your story.

30 November 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Criticism

Listen to criticisms. The readers are almost always right when a part of the story does not make sense. However, as Neil Gaimen said once that if they start trying to fix that part of the story themselves, then that is incorrect of them to fix the story. YOU are the writer; the reader or editor will tell you what needs an edit, but you must revise it yourself as you are the creator of this world in your story.

29 November 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Vocals

When you finished writing a segment of your story, read the segment aloud. If that piece has a sentence or a section that does not sound right, it is most likely incorrectly structured. Try rewriting that segment to sound more fluid when you read that section out loud.

28 November 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Disconnect

When you are typing up your book, please disconnect from the internet. It helps to have the resource online when you need, but how many times have we all gotten distracted by memes or Youtube? Sometimes it is more important to focus on writing for the meanwhile without being distracted by the internet. Writing requires plenty of focus as the book won't write itself.

INFO| Literature Vocabulary

A loud quarrel.

A rumbling of the stomach.

Having butterflies in your stomachs (being nervous or anxious).

Main Source:

More source:

MEDIA| PROMPT| Steampunk

Create a short story with dialogue for this picture:
Your story MUST have the following:

  • 3 Characters
  • All three characters must speak at some point
  • Have a clear setting (time and place)
  • Have a clear protagonist, antagonist, and confidante
  • 5 paragraphs at least