02 January 2017

STORY | My Experiences [Pt. 1]

This is a true story that happened to me. One night, I was taking the bus home after a long day at school. Now this was during a winter's night, but no snow yet, just a lot of raining. As I sat at the bus stop, there were a bunch of other students there, too, as well as a bunch of other people who either looked sketchy or unnoticeable.

However, as the bus came and all of us frozen-cold passengers began piling into the warm bus, I notice a guy in a long coat and a big, fuzzy hat--it looked a lot like those furry Russian hat. The thing that made this guy stand out was his highly wrinkled face, but I wasn't sure if it was just wrinkles or scars (because it looked like scars, too). He creeped the heck outta me.

Well, I got on the bus and took a seat near the back entrance/exit of the bus and thankfully, the guy was sitting at the front of the bus. The whole time I was on this bus, this guy kept eerily grinning and staring at everybody on the bus. He also was making a whole lot of odd hand gestures and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be crude or not--the gestures imitated him eating. I wondered if he had some disability or was being crazy or not, but being in the city, you meet a whole lot of people from the sane to not so sane. This guy was definitely on the latter.

After awhile of being uncomfortable, somewhat silence, this guy continued his antics and also making a whole lot of guttural noises that sounded so in-human that it just made it so much creepier. At one point, a woman sitting near him asked if he was alright, but he just grinned and laughed. After that, no one talked to him because this was so weird! Even weirder, he kinda reminded me of Freddy Kreuger (just to give you an idea of what he sort of looked like).

In the end, the guy got off a stop that was a ways away from mine...thank goodness! You could almost feel as if a boulder was lifted off the bus. It still creeps me out to this day. I still wonder what may have happened to those other passengers who also got off the guy's same stop...

29 December 2016

INFO | Pangram

A sentence or verse that contains all the letters of the alphabet.

Example: A boy called Don exclaimed, "Father! Goodness, how is June Katherine love Mark Nathaniels only? Please question Ron. So they unite. Very wonderful! Xenia yearns zinc."

(I got rather creative with the example.)

21 December 2016



Place of Birth: Wicklow, Ireland
Other Names: Fiona Scott

Notable Works:

  • The Black Book of Secrets
  • The Bone Magician
  • The Eyeball Collector
  • The Lunatic's Curse

19 December 2016

INFO | Cattywampus

Not lined up; a jumbled mess.

Example: The dog made quite a cattywampus after chasing that cat!

09 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Read

To be better at writing: 1. Read, read, read 2. Write, write, write 3. Research (write what you know.)

06 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Inspiration

Don't sit around waiting for inspiration! Go write or research until you get that inspiration.

05 December 2016

VIDEO | Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a form of a story being told.

SPOTLIGHT | Mary Downing Hahn


Birth: 9 December 1937
Place of Birth: College Park, Maryland

Notable Works:

  • Time of the Witch
  • Wait Til Helen Comes
  • The Doll in the Garden
  • The Old Willis Place
  • Deep and Dark and Dangerous
  • All the Lovely Bad Ones
  • Closed for the Season
  • The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
  • Time for Andrew

03 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Thick Skin

When it comes to the writing industry, have a thick skin as your editor will be tough on making your book flawless. Any grammar, punctuation, or confusing sections will be marked to be revised. Yes, editting is a menace, but have a thick skin and keep going.

02 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: KISS

Do not use big words nobody will probably understand. We tend to be lazy when we stumble across huge words and from my experience, I tended not to find a dictionary when I did see a difficult word. So, KISS. KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly.

01 December 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: The Readers

The reader is your friend. They are not your enemy or a mere observer of your world. They are a part of the story as they travel with your characters in your story.

30 November 2016

ADVICE | Tip of the Day: Criticism

Listen to criticisms. The readers are almost always right when a part of the story does not make sense. However, as Neil Gaimen said once that if they start trying to fix that part of the story themselves, then that is incorrect of them to fix the story. YOU are the writer; the reader or editor will tell you what needs an edit, but you must revise it yourself as you are the creator of this world in your story.