04 October 2015

PROMPT---Favorite Book Quotes

"There's daggers in men's smiles," Macbeth
"My love's more richer than my tongue," King Lear

That is one among many quotable lines I enjoyed. What are yours? Write them in the comments below to share! Share as much as you'd like!

02 October 2015

Flash Fiction (Part 2)

Warning: these Halloween stories are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

6. He wondered why he was casting two shadows. There's only one light bulb after all!

7. A face grinned at me from my bedroom window. I lived on the 13th floor.

8. There's a picture on my camera of me sleeping. I live alone.

9. Working the night shift alone tonight at the restaurant. There's a face on the security camera in the wine cellar.

10. You wake up, she doesn't.

11. She asks why I am breathing heavily. I'm not!

12. You walk into your dark bedroom. As you reach for the light switch, another hand is already there.

13. My son keeps screaming and crying late at night. I visit his grave and ask him to stop, but it doesn't help.

14. I kiss my wife and kids good night before I sleep. I suddenly wake up in a padded cell. The nurses tell me it was all a dream.

15. The funeral guests never came out of the catacombs. Something locked the crypt doors from the inside.

01 October 2015

Flash Fiction (Part 1)

Warning: these Halloween stories are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

Flash Fiction: an extremely short-short story that is usually less than a paragraph long (mainly two sentences long).

Now that it is the month of Halloween festivities, I have collected fifty flash fiction stories online and here they are!

1. I heard a rustling noise from my closet. As I tried to ignore it, I heard it again, so I decided to check it out. I tried to reach for my flashlight in the dark, but something handed it to me.

2. As I tucked my son into bed, he asked, "Daddy, can you check under my bed for monsters?" Deciding to amuse him, I took a look under the bed, but then I saw my son hiding under the bed. "Daddy," he said, "there's a monster on my bed! Please tell him to go away!"

3. Moving into my new house felt great! However, there were scratch marks on the wall in the basement. At first, I assumed they were scratch marks from the dog of the previous owner and when I asked him about it, he said, "I never had a dog!" Now the scratches have multiplied when I went to the basement again the next day,

4. I can't move, breath, speak, or hear and it's so dark all the time! If I knew how lonely it would be in here, I should have been cremated instead.

5. Don't be scared of the monsters--just look for them instead! Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, in your closet, but never ever look up! She hates being seen!

30 September 2015

PROMPT---Essays...or a Rant

Rant about a book you hated sooooooo much! What was that book and why did you hate it?

Write it like a letter to the author or an essay to the teacher (who made you read it, if that helps).

For me, the last book I read that I hated was Wuthering Heights. I tried to read it, got a third into it and just quite. The book didn't make sense to me and neither did the movie. However, Jane Eyre is a fantastic book!

Another book I disliked...not sure if 'dislike' does it justice...but Romeo & Juliet was basically the Twilight of its day. Now you can prove me wrong, but logic tells me otherwise. Juliet is a teenager who meets a boy and they fall in love in just about a week or less. Now I love other Shakespearean work such as King Lear, Twelfth Night, or even Hamlet, except for that play. There were funny lines and such in the play, but overall, it's a thumbs down.

23 September 2015

CHALLENGE----Books Pt. 1

Read a romance novel today!

Need suggestions? Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, The Notebook, Outlander, Gone with the Wind, and Twelfth Night just to name a few!

Need even more suggestions? Go to the public library!

15 September 2015


Create a bucket list or a wish list in the comments below or in a journal. It can be as long as you want!

Then go out there in the world and accomplish two or three of them!

11 September 2015

Halloween Youtubers!

So Halloween is coming up next month and the stores in my area are putting up decorations, costumes, and candies. In getting into the Halloween mood, here is a list of Youtubers that tell scary stories. As a warning, they can get extremely scary! (It's Halloween, after all!)

            • Mr. Nightmare
            • Lady Masquerade
            • Markiplier (okay, he does games, but there are Halloween-esque gamess)
Also, if you want more scary stories, there are other Youtubers that do lists of scary stories. Check out Beyond Science and List25 for example.

However, I do not suggest Creepypasta if you are easily scared......

08 September 2015

CHALLENGE---Designing Pt. 2

Create a cool type of jewelry and describe it!


Draw a surfboard with cool design and, yup, describe it!!!

01 September 2015

CHALLENGE---Designing Pt. 1

Design a type of toy for kids age 3 to 12. Describe it in the comments or in your journal!


Draw a self portrait of yourself in a stylized fashion. Describe what it could mean!

26 August 2015

CHALLENGE---Do something!

This challenge is different. I want you to go out today do 6 acts of kindness today! Then write about it in your journal/diary. If you do not have a journal, then go start one! Write about this experience!

19 August 2015

STORY---Silver Winters & Golden Summers

Feathery snow fluttered down from the heavens upon a Christmas night, do you remember that, love? How the stars glimmered upon the leathers and lace upon the night sky! My, how those times run away!

I sat silently eating at the fast food restaurant during my lunch break, just like any other day! However, this day changed somehow. As my eyes wandered around the restaurant at random guests, I took notice at them, hoping they would make great material source for my book. A kid about seventeen stood waiting for his food. Tall and skinny, the boy had a sneer on his face, overwhelming the poor servers frantically trying to get the right order.

Then I glanced over to his friend next to him. She had the thickest eyeliner I have ever seen! I could barely make out her beautiful eyes like silver if it weren't for the makeup! Raven hair down to her waist in a punk-emo style and wearing black like it would be end of the world, she half-shouted, "Oy! Hurry up, will ya? Gotta run to that bike race! That charity ain't gonna raise itself!"

A young server came out from behind the counter and ran up with some orders to another customer nearby the two teens. A couple with twins. The husband had hair that awfully reminded me of my neighbor's golden retriever. I chuckled at the idea. His wife had a sweet, childish face that still had traces of fear of doing wrong. As for their twins, they were no older that five. One boy and the other girl. The girl had her father's shaggy hair and a sweet face with an upturned nose. For the boy, I saw his face contort as he continued to flail his arms, refusing to finish the mini-burger.