23 January 2015

Happy Birthday!

Logan Lerman
Dolly Parton
Michael Crawford
Gina Davis
Steve Perry
Diane Lane
Neil Diamond
Alicia Keys
Ellen Degeneres
Elijah Wood
Oprah Winfrey
Adam Lambert
Tom Selleck
Christian Bale
Phil Collins
Justin Timberlake

19 January 2015

More French Vocabulary

Zebra - Zere
Clock - Horloge
Classroom - Salle de classe
Claw - Griffe
Desk - Pupitre
Deceptive - Decevant
January - Janvier
March - Mars
February - Fervier
Lunch -  Dejeuner

Source: Student Notebook Dictionary

07 January 2015

A Riddle

More Riddles

What kinds of stones does a ghost keep?

I run too fast. What am I?

There are four girls, and four apples in a basket. Every girl takes an apple, Yet one apple remains in the basket. How is this possible?

01 January 2015

ARTICLE---Top 5 2014 Review

Among all things this past year, here are the Top 5 moments in review of pop culture.

Number 1: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
The final release of the Middle Earth series officially came out on the 17th of December. Fans dressed up for the event of the last movie.With mostly good reviews in IMDB with an 8.2/10 and a 70 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this iconic moment will be something to remember!

Number 2: Five Nights At Freddy's 1 & 2:
Back in August when the survival-horror game was released, it gained so much good reviews that a sequel was made to the game. The game plays on tension, jump-scares, and a mysterious feel to it. The simplicity of the game contributes to its success as well as the puzzling background story of how the robots came to be.

Number 3: Ice Bucket Challenge
It was the summer of the Ice Bucket. The challenge was to raise awareness of ALS by encouraging people to donate to research about the disease. To gain the attention needed, celebrities jumped in to help with the charity event; celebrities from Lady Gaga to Lee Pace, it helped raise funds for the program.

31 December 2014

2015 Theme: A Star

Read 2 books and discuss the elements of the story.

Study films with good and bad forms of story-telling.

Practice and study genres of stories.

Write a story or in a journal.

30 December 2014

The French Language

J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite authors and she uses plenty of French, Germanic, and Latin based words. Some names such as Fleur Delacour (flower of the court) and Voldemort (flight of death) are French based.

Do you know any languages? Languages are useful in writing stories and asides from English, try learning some vocabulary in another language. Foreign language can be used to create words and mash-up words can be used for names. Rowling used her knowledge of languages for many purposes in Harry Potter. Here are some vocabulary words in French:

Yesterday - hier
Wheel - roue
Amour - love
Sink - lavabo (in bathroom); evier (in kitchen
Silk - soie
Soap  - savon
Raspberry - framboise
Doll - poupee
Lunch - dejeuner
Morning - matinee (feminine)

Source: Student Notebook Dictionary

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas to all!

For this Christmas and New Year's Eve, go and start a journal and remember.

Don't forget to visit previous posts related to the holiday seasons [here].

                                                                  Pastoral—Loneliness Can Kill a Heart
When upon the blanket of shivering feathers from the sky
Welcomes the One Star that brought the feathers that came;
Some formed shapes and some had more colors than stars…
The feathers floated frantically falling to Earth,
Brushing the coldness away my cheeks—
Hills and mountains and trees froze over nightfall
Peace and comfort through the night
Where feathers fall, there is rest
In heat of seasons, there is death
So come to the side where feathers fall in shivers

Welcome to it

24 December 2014

Story-Teller’s Ballad by: T. Theroux

The violent swords crossed their blades
Cutting through the heart so
Painful, so fierce I cried—
Cried blood of broken hearts.
Watching him die again unlike
Reading it all before grieves
The pain forevermore.
He waged a wager’s war through
Pride and madness of gold—
That Midas touch bless├ęd!
When that jealous battle came,
I told a tale of a wager’s war—
A killing machine, a war of wits
All upon his throne.
The Villain cut through his heart
Along the cliffs where heroes fell.
Then I came along to rescue my dying love
Where villains come to take a stab
In the dark.
Through his beating heart, I saw
My love come close to his foggy death,
His last breath.
Before he fell a hero’s fall,
Dread froze over, I shouted his name—
Seeing screams without a sound,
Eyes without a face,
Love without a heart.
I dashed to his side,
Racing time, racing death, reaching my warrior
One last time—
I wrapped him in my embrace
Around his heart and
Pulled him back to life!
Death nor life or its beautiful lies
Can ever tear us away.
After war comes the settling storm
And here is where I shall stay
To tell the tales of Far Away…
Bringing back my consign
Of Fairytales where nothing is real.
So do not get in my way;
All my friends jump up and run
To find the sun to warm
Their bleeding hearts and dirty bones rusting.
My fused emotions corked
Into a bottled ship
With all its tattered sails wet
Themselves in tears of the sea
As they sail somewhere Else
Into a possible, hopeful tomorrow.
Off to save my love again
For a forthcoming tale to tell

Where death gives life and life is where it ends.

22 December 2014


The rain showered like the Niagara Falls upon me as I ran towards the bus stand where a lonely bench sat under a covering. Ducking under it and sitting on the chair, I noticed the stranger next to me. He turned to face me and I noticed how he wore sunglasses. He nodded and turned his glance away. Without turning to me, he said in his grim, deep voice: "Did you know the last person who sat here last night-fall disappeared? A corporate business man. Missed his appointment."
Confused, I asked, "Wait, why are you telling me this?"
The man ignored the question and said, "Have you ever realized that the stars are all disappearing?"
"What does that have to with anything?" I asked.
The stranger immediately bolted up as the bus drove up and he....

Finish the prompt in the comments below!

17 December 2014

French Subject Pronouns

In French, there are subject pronouns to use and they are as followed:

Je - I, or if a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) follows, Je becomes J'
Example: Je suis Americain. J'aime manger les fromages!
Tu - informal 'you' used to speak to younger people or those with lower statuses like siblings or pets
Example: Tu est tres sympa, mon frere.
Il/Elle/Un(e) - he, she, one
Example: Il mange les fruits. Elle  mangee les fruits. Un(e) mange beaucoup!
Nous - We
Example: Nous sommes amis.
Vous - Formal 'you' and also used for plural (multiple groups)--formal is used for adults and people with higher status.
Example: Vous etes sympa, ma mere - merci!
Ils/Elles - plural he and she
Example: Ils arrivent a l'eglise. Elles sont de Paris.

11 December 2014

French Language: Indefinite Articles

French Verbs

Indefinite Articles: These are the basic words for the word "a" like in: I saw a farm on the way to school. Here are the articles for the versions of the word:

          • Un - masculine
            • Un chien
          • Une - feminine
            • Une chatte
For Partitive articles, this is the word used in the place of "of" like I am of the island of Ireland.

          • Du - masculine using 'le' replacement
            • Je veux du riz.
          • De - masculine noun
            • Je ne mange pas de chien.
          • Des - plural noun
            • J'ai vu des yeux sur la tete.
          • De l' - singular noun starting with a vowel
            • Je visite de l'Arc de Triumphe
          • De la -  feminine noun
            • La madame mange de la tomate.
These are the articles for French. Look up for more vocabulaire while you write!

To learn more, click [here] for basic French.