25 February 2015

Poetry--Villain's Villanelle (by T. Theroux)

Burn my very heart, yet don’t take my soul.
Villain, and thief of my heart—lover.
I gave you my heart, though yours be of coal.
Breaking a good heart, beware of the tolls!
Be of stealth in taking hearts undercover.
Burn my very heart, yet don’t take my soul.
Now revenge is mine in time, I’m taking control!
Flee, miscreant, while you can take cover—
I gave you my heart, though yours be of coal.
Lovers we were, except you’re gone, not whole…
For I found you with another as discovered.
Burn my very heart, yet don’t take my soul.
For once you were a hero, a sweet roll…
My broken spirit, heartless, unrecovered
I gave you my heart, though yours be of coal.
Shall I toss you in an abysmal black hole?
Criminal, you no longer hold thunder—
Burn my very heart, yet don’t take my soul.
I gave you my heart, though yours be of coal.

18 February 2015


Dreams are full of mysteries and looking into the depth about them, here are some Top 5 facts about dreaming.

Number 1: REM Stands for Rapid Eye Movement.
According to the National Sleep Research, REM occurs about 2 hours a night after 90 minutes after falling asleep. REM is the part of sleep that happens to be the deepest moment of sleeping. When people are awaken in the REM stages of steep, their bodies can go into a temporary type of “paralysis” as their bodies adjusts from sleeping to waking. In that lapse of being between waking and sleeping, study shows that one may go into a shock or panic or even hallucinate on extremes. On a brighter side, REM helps with maturity of the brain, especially in children.

Number 2: Dream Cultures in Other Countries
In some countries, dreams are taken in various ways. According to Random History, the people of the Fu-Kein province (China) believe that their ancestors give them revelation through dreams if they sleep on their ancestors’ graves. For Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, dreams are divine given by the gods. The Iroquois have a dream-sharing festival which dreams are acted out. Finally, in ancient Greece, dreams are brought before philosophers and wise men to interpret meanings from the future to inner knowledge.

Number 3: Types of Dreams
According to the Dream Dictionary, the falling dream contains several meanings, but the popular meaning could be a memory. As toddlers first take their steps into walking, the many stumbles along the way recreate a fall in dreams. A person in dreams, even if unrecognizable, is someone one has seen before. Also, people who dream of losing a tooth usually means a fear of losing something or someone.

Number 4: Famous Inventions
“Yesterday,” the Beatles song was created because of a dream; the same can be said about the Periodic Table according to Mind Power News. When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein after a dare, she stated that the plot came to her in a dream. The sewing machine was also created from a dream.

Number 5: Miscellaneous Facts

Studies show that some over-the-counter sleep aids are “reported to increase the vividness of dreams and nightmares.” There is a link between hallucinogenic drugs and dreams that dates back to older societies. These hallucinogenic drugs were often used for oracles to “induce dreams” for various reasons. Finally, childhood dreams are 40% nightmares which is a coping mechanism and children dream more than adults.

11 February 2015

Article--Weird Places Around the World

Here are a pick of the Top 3 oddest places around the world!

1: Disney’s Abandoned Rides
Disney may be the “Happiest Franchise on Earth,” but there is eerier side to things. River Country and Discovery Island are two of its forsaken rides.

Discovery Island and River Country were once water-parks in the 1960’s to 1970’s, but due to the water contaminants and maintenance, these rides never open again.

Both known to have unwanted guests sneaking into the rides to film the collapse, the video and pictures show water still running on the rides but mostly in the water fountains. Also, floaties scatter some of the pools with scum lining the top; much of Mother Nature overran the place.  More evidence show old employee pictures, vultures, lights still left on around the grounds, and even preserved snakes in jars.

What other things could be in store in those rides?

2: El Hotel del Salto, Colombia
Another abandoned place, a pinkish hotel that sits upon a ledge viewing the grand Tequendama waterfall is left of El Hotel del Salto. This French-styled mansion left to ruins in the 1990s and according to Urban Ghost Media, the reason was for water contaminates.

Built in 1923 and designed by Carlos Arturo Tapias, elite guests would visit the scene until the increase of sewage downstream cause tourists to flee the stench.

Since abandonment, a few myths arose including accidents and deaths. It also became subject of ghost stories causing several ghost hunters to explore the tattered halls. Shambles of wood and peeling paint scatter the floor, but spookiest of all are the furniture still left intact. Beds lay made and chairs wait for anyone to visit…

3: Chateau Miranda; Celles, Belgium
It is an eerie building standing in shambles in the woods, crumbling into decay. Built in 1866 and closed in 1991, this chateau has an intricate history. According to, the Liedekerke-Beaufort family “was forced to abandon their castle in…southern Belgium…” after the French Revolution, building another home in where Chateau Miranda stands now.

The chateau withstood the grasps of World War II which was made into a “home for children” and recieve the nickname of the “Noisy Castle.” It remains a children’s recreation site until 1980.

Soon the place became rather high maintenance and left to be abandoned in 1991. Then a “fire in 1995 destroyed a part…” of the chateau and “rot ha set into the wood.” With the decaying of this place, rumors of a demolition arose.

So as of 2015, a petition came for reconstruction to preserve the building in a better state. As for now, the lingering building in its devastation sits rather silently…too silently…in the shadows of the woods.

01 February 2015

Happy Birthday!

Rebel Wilson
Sean Kingston
Darren Criss
Rick Astley
Axl Rose
Chris Rock
Tom Hiddleston
Tara Strong
Tiffany Thornton
Ed Sheeran
Victoria Justice
Cindy Crawford
Corbin Bleu
Ellen Page
Alan Rickman
Drew Barrymore
Sean Astin
James & Olvier Phelps

23 January 2015

Happy Birthday!

Logan Lerman
Dolly Parton
Michael Crawford
Gina Davis
Steve Perry
Diane Lane
Neil Diamond
Alicia Keys
Ellen Degeneres
Elijah Wood
Oprah Winfrey
Adam Lambert
Tom Selleck
Christian Bale
Phil Collins
Justin Timberlake

19 January 2015

More French Vocabulary

Zebra - Zere
Clock - Horloge
Classroom - Salle de classe
Claw - Griffe
Desk - Pupitre
Deceptive - Decevant
January - Janvier
March - Mars
February - Fervier
Lunch -  Dejeuner

Source: Student Notebook Dictionary

07 January 2015

A Riddle

More Riddles

What kinds of stones does a ghost keep?

I run too fast. What am I?

There are four girls, and four apples in a basket. Every girl takes an apple, Yet one apple remains in the basket. How is this possible?

01 January 2015

ARTICLE---Top 5 2014 Review

Among all things this past year, here are the Top 5 moments in review of pop culture.

Number 1: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
The final release of the Middle Earth series officially came out on the 17th of December. Fans dressed up for the event of the last movie.With mostly good reviews in IMDB with an 8.2/10 and a 70 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this iconic moment will be something to remember!

Number 2: Five Nights At Freddy's 1 & 2:
Back in August when the survival-horror game was released, it gained so much good reviews that a sequel was made to the game. The game plays on tension, jump-scares, and a mysterious feel to it. The simplicity of the game contributes to its success as well as the puzzling background story of how the robots came to be.

Number 3: Ice Bucket Challenge
It was the summer of the Ice Bucket. The challenge was to raise awareness of ALS by encouraging people to donate to research about the disease. To gain the attention needed, celebrities jumped in to help with the charity event; celebrities from Lady Gaga to Lee Pace, it helped raise funds for the program.

31 December 2014

2015 Theme: A Star

Read 2 books and discuss the elements of the story.

Study films with good and bad forms of story-telling.

Practice and study genres of stories.

Write a story or in a journal.

30 December 2014

The French Language

J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite authors and she uses plenty of French, Germanic, and Latin based words. Some names such as Fleur Delacour (flower of the court) and Voldemort (flight of death) are French based.

Do you know any languages? Languages are useful in writing stories and asides from English, try learning some vocabulary in another language. Foreign language can be used to create words and mash-up words can be used for names. Rowling used her knowledge of languages for many purposes in Harry Potter. Here are some vocabulary words in French:

Yesterday - hier
Wheel - roue
Amour - love
Sink - lavabo (in bathroom); evier (in kitchen
Silk - soie
Soap  - savon
Raspberry - framboise
Doll - poupee
Lunch - dejeuner
Morning - matinee (feminine)

Source: Student Notebook Dictionary

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas to all!

For this Christmas and New Year's Eve, go and start a journal and remember.

Don't forget to visit previous posts related to the holiday seasons [here].

                                                                  Pastoral—Loneliness Can Kill a Heart
When upon the blanket of shivering feathers from the sky
Welcomes the One Star that brought the feathers that came;
Some formed shapes and some had more colors than stars…
The feathers floated frantically falling to Earth,
Brushing the coldness away my cheeks—
Hills and mountains and trees froze over nightfall
Peace and comfort through the night
Where feathers fall, there is rest
In heat of seasons, there is death
So come to the side where feathers fall in shivers

Welcome to it