26 August 2015

CHALLENGE---Do something!

This challenge is different. I want you to go out today do 6 acts of kindness today! Then write about it in your journal/diary. If you do not have a journal, then go start one! Write about this experience!

19 August 2015

STORY---Silver Winters & Golden Summers

Feathery snow fluttered down from the heavens upon a Christmas night, do you remember that, love? How the stars glimmered upon the leathers and lace upon the night sky! My, how those times run away!

I sat silently eating at the fast food restaurant during my lunch break, just like any other day! However, this day changed somehow. As my eyes wandered around the restaurant at random guests, I took notice at them, hoping they would make great material source for my book. A kid about seventeen stood waiting for his food. Tall and skinny, the boy had a sneer on his face, overwhelming the poor servers frantically trying to get the right order.

Then I glanced over to his friend next to him. She had the thickest eyeliner I have ever seen! I could barely make out her beautiful eyes like silver if it weren't for the makeup! Raven hair down to her waist in a punk-emo style and wearing black like it would be end of the world, she half-shouted, "Oy! Hurry up, will ya? Gotta run to that bike race! That charity ain't gonna raise itself!"

A young server came out from behind the counter and ran up with some orders to another customer nearby the two teens. A couple with twins. The husband had hair that awfully reminded me of my neighbor's golden retriever. I chuckled at the idea. His wife had a sweet, childish face that still had traces of fear of doing wrong. As for their twins, they were no older that five. One boy and the other girl. The girl had her father's shaggy hair and a sweet face with an upturned nose. For the boy, I saw his face contort as he continued to flail his arms, refusing to finish the mini-burger.

12 August 2015

POETRY---Completely Kind

What does it mean to be completely kind?
If one is cruel, one is blind.
What does it mean to be kind?
Nobody different should ever be left behind.

I see the news of ill and shatters...
Between sharing frowns or a smile, I choose the latter.
So if you see a lost one sitting on the gutter,
Cheer them up! Just don't feel madder than a hatter.

A kind deed does unto another, friend,
So if you ever need me, I'll be there till the very end.
Complete kindness can help mend
The very wounds darkness can impend.

Remember that kindness is up to you!
I hope you always remember what to do.
A heart of gold in view
Can always cut a hard heart through.

05 August 2015

PROMPT--Writing Description

Write what scares you, disturbs you, and anything in between!

Write what makes you scream for joy, to smile with glory, and to blush with shyness!

"Don't tell me how the moon is shining; show me the glint of the light on broken glass," Anton Chekhov

29 July 2015

PROMPT---Words, words, words...

Improvise with these words:

Stars           Dreams      Ice Cream     Tomb       Time        Light     Prince     King

Delirious       Lock-down        Camera       Soap        Miss _____(insert name of a politician)

You have to mention the word: Delirious instead of the word had.

AND you cannot use the held, dark, queen, your, you're, give, or me.

Go for it!

22 July 2015

ADVICE---Character Motivations


-Peer Presure



15 July 2015

200th Post!!!

Bonjour, mes amis! Pour cette deux cent publier, je voudrais dire, "Merci!"

In celebration, here are five writer's memes.

30 June 2015

ADVISE--5 Stages of a Plot

Plot involves the exposition, crisis, rising action, falling action, and resolution.

              1. Exposition
              2. Complication
              3. Crisis
              4. Falling Action
              5. Resolution
Beginning section which author may include character background, sets the scene, introduces characters, and brings in the conflict.

Also referred to as the 'rising action,' this is when the conflict gradually develops and intensifies.

24 June 2015

ADVICE--Story Elements


  1. Background for action
  2. Be antagonistic (man vs. nature)
  3. Create an atmosphere
  4. Reveals a character
  5. Reinforces a theme
The time period you choose has a context of culture--meaning that each time piece has its own set of standards or rules of society. For example, if a story is set in medieval France, given that it is a realistic or believable story, the ideals would be different from modern day. Make sure to do your research!


Show vs. Telling
Showing readers through actions or active writing makes the story more believable. Ways to make a story believable can be the use of: